At SeedSpark, we work with small to medium-sized businesses to grow customer acquisition and retention, while decreasing working time, operational overhead, and overall security risk.

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Managed IT Services

The technology needs of your organization are as unique as your team, the clients you serve, and the products/services you provide. Our 24/7, proactive approach to managed IT services focuses on maximizing productivity, improving team collaboration, and building consistency across your company.

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Creative & Digital Marketing

 A cornerstone of cultivating opportunities for our clients is understanding their business model and attracting their ideal customer by leveraging data to build customized digital marketing and creative solutions that drive brand awareness and get results.

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Custom Applications

SeedSpark’s application development solutions offer our clients a rapid return on investment by updating or automating legacy business processes and reducing manual, repetitive work. Our custom web and mobile applications are ideal for companies focused on technology integration to drive better processes and increase profits.

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