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We love questions. They are a driving force behind our mission of self-starting and life-long learning. In order to provide you with the best and most efficient support, we have compiled some of the questions we receive most often for your reference.

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Managed Technology Services: When in Doubt, Reboot!

Although it’s always a good idea to change your password when there’s even an inkling of compromise, we find that most people have better success improving the strength of their password rather than forcing frequent resets. When forced to reset a password every 30 days, people fall into bad habits in order to remember their new password, such as using a simple word and adding exclamation points with each reset, or worse, writing it on a post-it note and keeping it under the keyboard. The best way to ensure a strong password that you will actually remember is to use a password phrase with a few numbers or symbols to increase complexity. Phrases are the best defense against brute force and dictionary attacks, and when used correctly are much more secure than frequent password changes!

Computers at your local retailer are often subsidized by unwanted software which drives the price below a business class computer. Be careful, this software often “calls home,” collecting data on your usage patterns to then fill up your email with spam on additional products and services. It’s also important to note that not all components are made the same. You may have 16GB of RAM, but it often isn’t specified the same and will not perform the same as a business class computer.

A common question and a common myth. Granted, there are bad people everywhere, but your technology partner has your security as their primary goal and goes through great lengths to keep your systems secure. We can’t speak for others, but SeedSpark requires background checks even higher than the current TSA guidelines before we will even entertain a prospective candidate for our team. Our systems track every login and even the activity performed on your systems to ensure accountability. The probability that anyone is logging in and accessing or reading your personal or corporate information is very low.

If you have offsite backups with SeedSpark, those backups are secured and out of state and will never be in the path of a local storm. If there is a possibility of a flood, make sure to keep all machines and other electronics off of the floor. Always back-up your data to cloud based storage.

1. Always lock your machine

2. Don’t leave USBs laying around

3. Always try to use your own hotspot rather than an unsecured Wifi network

4. Don’t leave machines and other technology unattended

Digital Marketing & Creative Services

One of our primary goals when developing a new brand identity is to create a logo that has the flexibility to be used across many different mediums in order to present with professionalism and consistency in all areas. In your final logo package you may notice that you have several different file types including a .jpg, .png, and .eps. Here is a break down of each of these formats to help you choose the right file for the right occasion.

  • JPG  – A jpg is considered a “lossy” file which means that certain information has been deleted in order to compress the file. JPG is an ideal format for web and screen use due to it’s smaller file size, but is not recommended for use in print media. It is a raster file which means it cannot be enlarged without a loss of quality.
  • PNG – Like the jpg, png’s are also a common format for web use. They are often considered a better choice for graphics and icons due to the higher quality obtained with their lossless compression. The png in your logo package also has a transparent background which makes it ideal for placing over any background that isn’t flat white or black.
  • EPS – The eps file is a vector format, which means that it can be infinitely scaled without losing quality. It is the ideal format for use in print and is meant to be compatible across different software and operating systems. Most vendors will accept an eps file for use in print, screen print, and embroidery projects.

If you find yourself in need of an additional format for your logo such as a a PDF, Tiff or Bitmap, please let your AM know at the start of your branding project and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Using pictures from Google can be very tricky due to license and usage rights. It is better to err on the side of caution and always use your own photographs, stock photos, or have photographs taken by our Creative Team.


Trademark safeguard words, phrases, graphics, symbols, and other advertising devices designed to brand a company, its products and/or its services in ways that distinguish brand from competitors. The trademark symbol signals that something is being claimed by a specific company as trademarked. It is important to note that without a formally approved trademark registration, this claim remains largely unenforceable.


Only after a trademark has been successfully registered may a company brand its advertising logo and catchphrases, its products and its services using an ® symbol instead of a ™ symbol. Once a trademark registration is successful, no other company will be able to legally safeguard work that is too similar for as long as the trademark remains active.


Unlike trademarks and patents, which must be formally applied for, copyrights are granted as soon as a qualifying work of creative art or authorship is created and fixed in a tangible form (perceptible directly or with the aid of a machine/device). This automatic legal recognition of ownership is extended to original works of music, literature, drama, visual art, architecture, and other forms of creative expression.

Custom design work is created specifically for you through the use of design programs like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. This work will not be editable, as deliverables such as logos, promotional materials, print pieces, and more, will never be designed in programs such as Microsoft Word.

Application & Web Development Services

We highly recommend SSLs for all of our client websites. SSL certificates used to only be required for websites that collected sensitive information, like credit cards, but the recent versions of browsers like Chrome and Firefox will warn users if they visit any website without an SSL. Having one also helps with your site’s ranking in Google search results.

The crucial differences between custom software and off-the-shelf software are expenses and possible risks. While Off-the-shelf templated products could save you money, they might not address all of your company’s needs. Custom solutions will always be tailor-made to relieve all the pain points in your business process but may have a longer development time or a higher budget.

Our development team has experience integrating multiple different systems into our custom web applications and are able to work with you and your current business processes.

Downtime Cost Calculator

Curious to know how much your downtime will cost you?

Use our caclulator to see the impact of a server outage, network failure, or other disaster.

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