As SeedSpark evolves and embraces change, we understand the importance of keeping our valued community well-informed. We aim to provide clarity and address any inquiries you may have about our exciting journey into a new era.

Whether you’re curious about the reasons behind the change, the impact on our services, or simply seeking more details, our FAQs are designed to offer insights and transparency.

SeedSpark Brand Transition

At SeedSpark, our approach is to build on our achievements by honing in on specialized service areas. By establishing distinct brands for our divisions, we’re poised to deliver experiences that are more customized and attentive to the unique needs of each service line. This strategic move is designed to foster growth, enhance agility, and ensure we’re well-positioned to quickly seize new opportunities that arise in the ever-evolving market landscape. 

Chad Jenkins, as CEO, and Robert Griffin, as COO, will continue to lead SeedSpark’s daily operations. Alongside this, they will also supervise the newly established brands to ensure strategic alignment and operational excellence. SeedSpark is committed to providing centralized support services to all brands to maintain consistency and efficiency, facilitating the availability of shared resources and expertise across the board. 

The introduction of focused brands is expected to enhance our understanding of client needs and the specialized services we offer. This strategic refinement is anticipated to foster deeper engagement with our clients and bolster our capacity to deliver superior results, all while aligning with SeedSpark’s overarching strategic goals and our commitment to long-term excellence and growth in the marketplace.

The reorganization is designed to be seamless for our staff, with no significant alterations to their current roles or the expectations placed upon them. While there may be some slight adjustments to specific job functions to better align with the new brand structure, all team members will retain their positions. This ensures that the collective expertise and experience of our workforce will continue to drive the success of SeedSpark and its family of brands. 

Your current point of contact will remain unchanged to provide continuity and personal attention. As our processes evolve and improve, you may interact with additional members of our team to address specific needs or to benefit from their expertise. Nonetheless, your designated point of contact will remain as your primary liaison for any questions or concerns you may have.

The transition to our new brand structure is officially scheduled for January 1, 2024. The process behind the scenes has been underway for the past year to ensure a comprehensive and thoughtful approach. Our goal is to guarantee a seamless transition for our clients, with minimal disruption to the services they rely on. 

The executive leadership team of SeedSpark will maintain their current roles, providing stability and direction during this transition. Our Directors and Vice Presidents will take on leadership roles within the new brands, serving as brand leaders while remaining accountable to the executive leadership team. This continuity in leadership is vital for maintaining the strategic focus and operational integrity of SeedSpark and its brands.

SeedSpark’s culture and values are integral to our identity and operations, and these will remain unchanged. The core principles that have guided SeedSpark’s actions and decisions will continue to be at the heart of each brand. We are dedicated to ensuring that our mission, vision, and values are reflected in every aspect of our business, providing the same trusted and valued experience you have come to expect.

Our strategy for the new brands involves a disciplined approach that allows each to operate independently while still benefiting from synergies with SeedSpark’s other service lines. The brands are poised to leverage our combined business and technological expertise to become leaders in their respective sectors. Through this specialization, we aim to identify and capture market opportunities that deliver exceptional value to our clients.

“Powered by SeedSpark” is a testament to the solid foundation and the ethos of excellence that has characterized our services over the past 17 years. It signifies that each of the new brands is driven by the same commitment to quality, innovation, and customer service that has defined SeedSpark. It’s our assurance that the values, practices, and standards that you associate with SeedSpark will be inherently present in each brand.

While our immediate product and service offerings will remain consistent, we anticipate that as our brands grow and adapt to market demands, there may be enhancements or expansions to our portfolio. Any such developments will be carefully considered, strategically planned, and communicated transparently to ensure that they align with our clients’ evolving needs and continue to offer the high-quality solutions you expect from us. 

Our commitment to our partners and collaborative relationships remains steadfast. The structural changes are designed to reinforce, not disrupt, the collaborative frameworks and partnerships that have been established. The trust, mutual goals, and shared successes that characterize our partnerships will continue as foundational elements of our business strategy.

All existing agreements, including contracts and SLAs, will be honored without any direct changes until their respective renewal dates. At renewal, we’ll present the latest contract options, reflecting any new services or brand-related updates. We’re open to discussing any contract details ahead of renewals and invite clients to initiate such discussions with their SeedSpark point of contact.

There will be no change to your billing or invoicing processes. We aim to maintain consistency and ease for our clients by keeping current systems in place. In other words, if you are used to receiving and paying one invoice for multiple services, you will continue to receive one invoice.  If and when a more efficient billing solution is devised, we will ensure that any shifts are implemented only with comprehensive client awareness and agreement. 

For questions not covered in this FAQ, we encourage you to reach out to us at announcement@seedspark.com. We commit to providing a personalized response and, where applicable, we will add your question to our FAQ list to aid others with similar queries.

Your existing contacts at SeedSpark are your best resource for direct communication. Our entire team is prepared to discuss the changes and, if necessary, will ensure that any queries that cannot be immediately addressed are directed to the appropriate individual within our leadership.

You should continue to reach out through the existing channels for technical support or client service inquiries—by phone, email, or our desktop application. These avenues will remain active, and we will be introducing additional resources for support to ensure that you have multiple points of access for any assistance you may require.

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