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Web development is undergoing a significant transition - less is more and mobile is king. Proper web design returns more on your investment when your message is clear, concise, and delivers what your audience wants faster.

SeedSpark is uniquely positioned to communicate your message through your web presence by utilizing industry-leading, mobile responsive web design and communication techniques.

Our Content Management System is both robust and easy-to-use. It attaches to our custom designs (not templates) and delivers modules such as eCommerce, donation/payment portals, blogging, employee highlights, careers application submissions, rich media API integrations, portfolios, live forms, and social media integrations. We aren't limited to our own proprietary CMS, and we have developed for WordPress, standard HTML sites without a CMS, and much more. We just believe there is a significant value to our proprietary system which makes your site unique and most secure.

SeedSpark is uniquely positioned to build sites both for brand validation and lead generation. We design and develop user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) as advocates for your prospective customer and yes, we always have search engine optimization (SEO) in mind!

Website Applications

There are countless business software programs in the marketplace, but often existing software does not conform to the way you run your unique business. Instead, you have to change the way you run your business to conform to the software. SeedSpark's experienced application development team can develop custom applications that augment or replace legacy systems.

Give your business the freedom it needs with custom-written applications tailored specifically to you and your business. These applications can be written in a .NET framework or LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) framework. The beauty of web-based applications is their ability to function seamlessly on any device and any operating system, which leads to better adoption in the organization.

Native Applications

If your go-to-market strategy includes getting your application out to the masses through the Apple App Store, Android’s Google Play platform, or Windows Apps, we feel uniquely qualified to design and develop your next app. Our elite team of developers are knowledgeable in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, LESS, SASS, Java, and Swift for iOS, just to name a few. Have an idea? Let’s chat about the opportunity to customize an “app” to your unique vision and use case.

SharePoint Development & Management

Companies of all sizes lean on SeedSpark to develop and manage business processes of all levels of complexity by utilizing Microsoft SharePoint. SharePoint provides a cost-effective yet powerful platform on which to launch web-based projects that can process large amounts of information and automate "paper pushing", resulting in immense savings and increased efficiency. By leveraging SharePoint, SeedSpark can automate your business processes with minimal investment and provide an infrastructure on which you can build as your business grows.

Custom API's

Chances are your business has important data sources that are unique to your industry or your process. SeedSpark’s digital development team has extensive experience integrating industry specific data sources, unique supplier update systems, Internet of things (IoT) devices, or existing customer relationship management (CRM) systems or accounting programs.

Database Design Management & Code Development

Not every coding need falls into the areas of websites or applications. We love to help startups or existing companies with unique coding requests. We can customize your HTML emails or email signatures, restructure a large database framework, or launch a special event signup customer information capture form. Challenge us, we’re ready.