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SeedSpark approaches technology from a business perspective. We fix today’s problems with a focus on tomorrow, ensuring that your investment in technology is building the future of your business.

Enterprise IT Consulting Services
Our Process

Our Process

Our Process

SeedSpark's Transformation Continuum™ is focused on creating a cycle of success that marries technology with the unique proven process behind every company. We take an approach to technology that drives lasting change within organizations to optimize their processes, automate tasks, and build a better way to work rooted in technology.

Create Technology-Driven Growth

Using the four tenants of the Transformation Continuum™, we’ll walk you through the digital transformation process with ease – building a foundation for the future, improving operational agility, and creating technology-driven growth.

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Client Acquisition & Retention

Leveraging the right technology to develop deeper connections with existing clients and establish healthy, long-lasting relationships with those new to your brand.

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Culture Enrichment

Build a vibrant company culture; hire the right people for every position by gaining a better understanding of each person’s unique values, processes, and perspectives to create better team cohesion and boost company performance.

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Product and/or Service Delivery

We first establish a clear line of sight connecting initial discovery to product delivery, then implement technology that eliminates bottlenecks and makes business processes a breeze.

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Financial Investment & Reinvestment

As your business grows, proper financial management is important for more than just balancing the books. Reinvesting in company initiatives is an imperative part of continuing to gain strength as initiatives provide initial ROI.


The Leaf

Behind the Transformation Continuum is the LEAF: Learn, Educate, Assess, Formulate. We take the time to truly understand every area of your business. We explore every opportunity, assess the impact on your business, and formulate a plan for success.

We’re more than a technology company – SeedSpark is your guide to the future.


about your company
and processes.


ourselves on your challenges and you on our solutions.


the impact, adoption, and use of technology across your team.


a plan that is best suited to your company’s goals.

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