Password Management

SeedSpark and Keeper provide the highest level of protection against cyber threats for your organization, gain control, visibility, and unparalleled security with cutting-edge technology, and keep your passwords and data safe.

Complete Security with Zero-Trust Protection

Covering every facet from the data center to the front office, Keeper offers the ultimate in enterprise security and cyberthreat prevention. Utilize a zero-trust and zero-knowledge architecture to safeguard your data.

Save Time and Resources

Prevent breaches, trim helpdesk costs, and maintain compliance effortlessly. Benefit from quick and cost-effective setup tailored to businesses of all sizes, saving you time and resources.

Safeguarding and Mitigating Risks

Create a secure architecture and enhance protection to safeguard against ransomware and reduce breach risks effectively. Our real-time safeguards for applications, systems, and data offer comprehensive defense, ensuring the safety of your organization.

Ready to protect your data?

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