Network Penetration Testing

SeedSpark’s network penetration testing identifies vulnerabilities in networks, applications, and systems by using malicious techniques to test a client’s cybersecurity response. By performing these tests, our team develops a baseline understanding of your network and its cybersecurity measures to help ensure that your defenses are keeping your team protected online.

Create a Scope

SeedSpark’s team defines the goals of each network penetration test, exploring potential vulnerabilities and establishing a cybersecurity baseline for your company.

Identify Risks

After performing the network penetration test, SeedSpark creates a comprehensive list of cybersecurity risks to your business and its data.

Develop Cybersecurity Solutions

Once the risks are identified, our team develops a custom cybersecurity solution that creates a complete line of defense across your entire network to protect against the latest cyberattacks.

How good is your company’s cybersecurity defenses?

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