Ironscales Email Security

Through a partnership with Ironscales, SeedSpark equips clients with AI-powered email security integrated directly into your Office 365 subscription. Our advanced email security platforms monitor every item that comes into your inbox, automatically finding, analyzing, and deleting phishing attacks across your entire organization.

Self-Learning Email Security

Our email security platform uses AI to learn the latest threats, stopping the latest phishing attacks in their tracks.

Phishing Simulation Training

How well can your team spot a phishing attack? Ironscales features advanced phishing simulations to show insights into how your team would react to an attempted phishing attack.

Humans + Machines

Ironscales doesn’t rely on AI alone. Our email security delivers the best of both worlds, using AI in combination with a global team of threat intelligence analysts to provide complete protection.

With 15 billion phishing emails sent every day, is your team prepared for what’s ahead?

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