Cybersecurity Training

SeedSpark combines traditional learning with AI-powered simulations, delivering our clients the tools and the knowledge needed to combat today’s top threats. From best cybersecurity practices to email protection, our team is constantly preparing you for the road ahead.

Hands-On Training

Once you choose a cybersecurity solution, our team goes hands-on to show you how it works and what it’s capable of to ensure that you’re making the most of your investment.

Phishing Attack Simulations

Through Ironscales’ advanced email security, SeedSpark launches phishing attack simulations across your entire organization to measure how prepared your team is against malicious messages.

Educational Newsletters

SeedSpark is constantly updating our clients on the latest cybersecurity news. You can read more on the latest technology news and cybersecurity threats on our blog or in our 5-Second Tech Tips.

Is your team prepared to fight back against the latest cyberattacks?

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