Disaster Recovery

From hardware failures to cyberattacks, your IT infrastructure is a foundational part of your business that is always at risk. SeedSpark’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plans prepare your business for whatever may be in store, delivering a comprehensive solution that helps you reconnect with customers and smoothly resume operations.

Cloud-Based Data Solutions

Storing data in the cloud minimizes the risks that come with local storage – one natural disaster, accident, or break-in and your entire catalog of data is gone for good. Cloud storage keeps your programs and data safely tucked away in the cloud to ensure that you’re ready to recover ASAP.

Hourly Data Backups

Daily backups are the industry standard, but SeedSpark goes further. Our team performs hourly backups across every piece of hardware, updating your backups and minimizing lost progress in the event of a ransomware attack or data loss event.

Resource Planning

SeedSpark works with each client to build a custom plan, piecing together the hardware, software, and processes needed to quickly remediate and recover in the event of a data-loss event. We ensure that every client has a comprehensive BCDR plan in place.

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