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Creative & Marketing Services

Reach the Right Audience

Our team of creatives and marketing professionals works with you, developing the best strategy that grows your brand, spreads your message, and analyzes the data. This gives you the opportunity to capture and convert a client the moment they are looking for the products or services you provide. Buyers are more educated and informed than ever before, performing diligent research before spending their money. We equip you with the ideal combination of powerful branding and easy discoverability, keeping your company ahead of the competition in your target market.

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Creative & Digital Marketing Solutions



Phone books are phasing out, newspapers keep getting thinner, and cord-cutters have cable companies nervous. The internet introduced on-demand media that transcends devices and age groups, reaching billions each day. Our team promotes your company, connecting with customers while they surf the web, check social media, and consume content across all devices and platforms.



Creating a professional website is an investment, so how do you get the most out of it? Our digital marketing campaigns drive internet traffic back to you by dialing in the right keywords, searching for key phrases, and performing page-by-page website optimizations to link up with online directories and search engines. Monthly ranking reports, ongoing optimization, and submission of trending industry keywords expands your brand’s reach and propels your site to new heights.



Mobile devices and constant internet access has introduced an ocean of data on clients. From demographics and habits to interests and search history, companies now have the ability to hone in on their ideal clients and avoid wasting resources chasing those who aren’t a good fit.



Our team of creatives and marketing experts will help you develop the essential mix of media – from gorgeous logos and email signatures to custom websites and blogs – extending your brand and fueling growth. Every company has a story. We are here to help you tell it.

Our Portfolio

At SeedSpark, we build brands. We are with you from start to finish – carefully crafting a logo unique to your business, designing your website, and managing your digital presence. We’ve got a passion for all things creative and marketing. Let us make your business stand out from the rest.

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RAM Pavement

RAM Pavement has partnered with SeedSpark since 2017, first creating a striking logo before moving forward to design and develop a custom website. Over the years, we’ve also created print pieces like business cards and promotional pamphlets for their newest program, P3. Our team continues the management of their website and social media presence, improving their digital reach through custom social media graphics and monthly analytics reporting.

Ram Pavement website mockup
Ram Pavement flyer mockup
Ram Pavement business cards mockup
Ram Pavement social media post 1
Ram Pavement social media post 2
Ram Pavement social media post 3

Lowry Insurance

Lowry approached SeedSpark with nothing more than a logo after realizing they needed an updated website to enhance their brand and boost their online presence. After completing the design and development of their website, we continue to manage their website and social media, create custom graphics, design and deploy email campaigns, and run ad campaigns – all reflecting continued growth our monthly analytics reports.

Lowry Insurance website and app mockup
Lowry Insurance social media post 1
Lowry Insurance social media post 2
Lowry Insurance social media post 3

Specialty Valve

We’ve helped build Specialty Valve’s brand from the ground up, overhauling their website and logo replacing it with a new sleek, modern design.

Specialty Valve website mockup

US ISS Agency

SeedSpark has provided US ISS an entirely custom-built website and application logo for AppVerify – we left the application development to our team of developers!

USISS website mockup
USISS appverify logos

Are you interested in refreshing your brand or creating one from scratch? Do you want to reach a larger audience (or a more specific one) through your website or social media? SeedSpark helps you translate data harnessed from digital marketing campaigns, transforming it into actionable insights to drive results and improve your bottom line.

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