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Construction and manufacturing businesses want to offer the best service to their customers, operate more efficiently, and grow their business – and it’s not always easy when bogged down with manual office work and old processes. Is your company data in multiple systems that don’t seem to connect? Is it challenging to track jobs, schedule employees, and manage your data?

SeedSpark makes it easy for construction and manufacturing professionals to manage their business, all in one easy-to-use software designed for how you build. We specialize in custom ERP software development and integrations, allowing you to manage vendors, finances, reporting, and more across multiple projects.

Custom Solutions Tailored to Your Business

Scheduling - SeedSpark Custom ERP Software


Monitor and manage every element of your business process, from the people on your team steps of each project. Schedule shifts, production processes, and fulfillment of services through a powerful module built around the way that your team works.

Project Management - SeedSpark Custom ERP Software


Gain automatic insight into every project across your company, ensuring that each job stays on track. Manage change orders, track material spending, and monitor what each team is working on throughout the week.

Time Clocking - SeedSpark Custom ERP Software


Optimize your timekeeping system through the power of automation. Your team can view and manage their timecard anytime, anywhere. With direct integration to your company's payroll information, data is collected and submitted for approval before disbursement.

Expense Tracking - SeedSpark Custom ERP Software


Easily reconcile expenses charged to your company. Automatically track, store, and organize company purchases to keep your accounting software up to date and job costing accurate.

Quickbooks Integration - SeedSpark Custom ERP Software


Gain financial insight into your accounting with QuickBooks Integration. View project billing, manage expenses, and generate invoices that can be sent directly to clients – all without leaving your application.

Estimating - SeedSpark Custom ERP Software


Create estimations for new opportunities in a matter of moments. Price each item or service, import previously used data, and create default line items to save time on paperwork.


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Mike Free

"Just wanted to tell you that your team has been outstanding to work with over the last year. DKP Administration grew 350% and has the chance to triple in size again in 2022. I also want to commend you on the success that SeedSpark has become. It continues to grow and evolve into a technology leader, and you should feel very proud of yourself and your team. Curtis Motes has been excellent and embodies the type of person that every company should desire. Not only does he take the time to understand the “what” of our business, but also the “how” and “why”. He then offers innovative solutions to meet our immediate and potential future needs. Your leadership makes a difference!"



Tony from C&C Boiler

"The support from Curtis Motes, Kadeen Anthony and Henry Santacruz with the development of our STEAM application has been excellent. This application is going to be a game changer for us at C&C. "

C&C Boiler


Sok Verdery

"Shout out to the dream team that made it happen this morning. We got some very good and immediate feedback. What we did was far beyond what any partner had ever done with their data and y'all did it! Thanks! "




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