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Custom Application Development

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While many off-the-shelf solutions require your business to conform to their software, our tailored solutions focus on shaping technology around the way you work. Our team has the expertise and experience to understand your business’ unique workflows, crafting custom solutions that not only meet your expectations but surpass them. Ease of use, a positive experience, and an agile approach are key components in designing, developing and maintaining the software our clients depend on to get work done.

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Application Development Solutions



Imagine scheduling projects or jobs, overseeing resource allocation across your entire company. Our custom schedulers provide real-time access to all of your current projects and the location of your employees, leading to more efficiency across your organization.



Our applications are meant to provide the right information to the right person at the right time to effectively manage the project life cycle. Our software is built around the way you manage, intuitively reducing the cost of training new hires while providing real-time visibility for all company assets.



Automation is the key to increasing profit while reducing operational overhead. From finance reconciliation and reporting to segmenting emails, our custom applications serve to cut costs and save time across your organization, allowing you to focus on core areas that directly impact your bottom line.



SeedSpark’s custom reporting module gathers data directly from your application, automatically generating in-depth analytics reports. Easily create status, time, budget, and project reports with a few clicks of your mouse – or even use custom reporting that corresponds directly with your specific needs.

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SeedSpark is passionately committed to your effective and efficient use of technology – We know that no two businesses are alike, which is why each of our applications is custom-crafted with your organization’s processes in mind in order to decrease working time, operational overhead and overall security risk while driving revenue, profitability and operational effectiveness.

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