Visualize data from an internet of things, people, inventory and assets.



Logistical Assembly & Delivery Tracking

RFID allows businesses like yours to track, monitor and store information on almost anything wirelessly. This is especially valuable if you have assets that have a unique distribution network. It’s important to track the movement of your assets and their current location. By embedding passive RFID tags in your assets, a quick scan from a wireless mobile device can record information about individual assets or a batch of assets all at once. Avoid costly logistical delays or losses by creating an application and a workflow. Put SeedSpark’s unique RFID knowledge and experience to work for your business.

Inventory Tracking

RFID can be used as an alternative to barcode scanning for your inventory tracking. SeedSpark can help you transform your inventory tracking by leveraging RFID’s unique advantages. RFID does not require line of site to scan, thus eliminating the potential manual labor of moving inventory in order to align each item with the scanner. RFID also has a high throughput, allowing you to scan many items at once rather than one at a time. While barcodes are “read only” technology, RFID enables you to both read and write information to a tag at any point in the process. And embedded RFID tag is also much more durable than a printed feature and thus provides a more secure link to to your inventory.

Life Cycle Management

The core of asset life cycle management is a robust central application that houses the data and service records for each of your business’s assets. SeedSpark is uniquely positioned to develop, host, manage and support your life cycle management application. Start benefiting from read/write service records for real-time-in-the-field updates. Know when equipment should be serviced or retired with a quick glance at your centralized asset-tracking dashboard or an automated email or text alert.

GPS Check In Data

Part of implementing lean operations for your business is verifying the location and arrival time of important resources. RFID tags paired with active or passive readers enable real-time location data to be updated or even create an event trigger such as a door opening, time tracking start, or mobile alert on arrival of product.

Access & Identity Controls

Protecting important information involves physical security as well as cyber security. Access control key fobs or cards are perhaps one of the most commonly used applications of RFID technologies. RFID access controls are perfect for external doors and internal doors leading to secured areas of your premises, such as network closets. Leveraging SeedSpark’s knowledge and experience with RFID technology will help you select the right solution for your business.

Custom Behavior Tracking

Your business’s marketing efforts are much more effective and efficient when they focus on your target customer. To be successful in today’s marketplace, you must know more about your customer and use that data to deliver targeted messaging to that consumer at the right time and on the right platform. If you don’t, your competition certainly will! If you are leveraging “near field” technologies in mobile devices or in event tickets, you can easily determine what your customers or attendees are most interested in based on where they stand or what area they visit longest. Then you can immediately deliver calls to action, like special coupons, while your customer is standing there. Disney uses this technology in their Magic Bands to track visitors’ flow through the park, predict ride times, book payments to customer accounts, and make crowd control adjustments on the fly. Don’t you want some of that magic? Let’s talk.