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WB Moore launched a partnership with SeedSpark to modernize their digital file management, organizing data and streamlining communication across the entire company while ensuring that all sensitive information remains secure.

Project Overview

As a leading Microsoft 365 integrator, SeedSpark partners with companies across the southeast to assess, plan, and implement strategies for teams interested in leveraging the power of technology. WB Moore, a giant in both the construction and engineering industries, partnered with SeedSpark to improve the foundation of their communication and file management techniques to create a workflow optimized for their daily processes.

Tools Fit for the Task

Our team began by meeting with the WB Moore team and actively listening to the problems that they were facing in their day to day operations. The main challenge became clear: organization. An unorganized local digital filing system and a non-uniform collection of applications being used company-wide created a communication breakdown adding unnecessary additional steps to every business process.

SeedSpark implemented Office 365 as the sole communication, collaboration and data management hub across WB Moore’s entire organization. Keeping everyone on the same platform breaks down communication barriers, allowing everyone to stay up to date on the latest news companywide. SeedSpark also developed, implemented, and provided training for a departmental SharePoint hub designed for each department within WB Moore’s team. This cloud-based file management system, integrated within Microsoft Teams, allows each department to locate and share the files that they need faster than ever before without having the hassle of parsing through digital piles of files from outside of their department.

Clear Communication, Organized Files, and Optimized Processes

While WB Moore was already well into their Digital Transformation, connecting with SeedSpark as a partner allowed their team to maximize the value of their existing technology. No hardware was purchased, no extra software was needed, and no new IT infrastructure was required. SeedSpark meets each client where they are, designing unique solutions that take advantage of resources that you already have, performing improvements without unnecessary cost.

WB Moore continues to work with SeedSpark to provide proactive IT services and both remote and on-site training to keep their team up to date on the latest technology advancements that can continue to simplify and optimize their workflow companywide each day.