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SeedSpark provided ISS with an entire Transformation Continuum. This consisted of a new cloud-based network management solution providing centralized management, diagnostics, and monitoring of the entire ISS network and mobile devices. The company was then able to focus on new business opportunities, reduce operational costs, and driving higher revenue. SeedSpark also implemented a cybersecurity program protecting all sensitive data from potential cyberattacks.

Project Overview

Formed in 2004, ISS is an investigative and security services agency with extensive experience in security and law enforcement. Their team creates a set of assessments that work towards generating a specialized plan to meet each client’s unique needs.
ISS chose SeedSpark as their growth partner to guide their team through a Transformation Continuum designed to bring their infrastructure into the 21st century. SeedSpark’s team began to stumble upon numerous concerns – client transactions were broken, servers were crashing, and ISS was unable to provide key deliverables, including background checks and investigation reports, due to software limitations. Their outdated infrastructure was preventing ISS form acquiring new clientele who had higher vendor qualifications. Their outdated website failed to connect with potential clients, lowering ISS’ position in the marketplace and limiting growth. ISS’ previous MSP provider’s unresponsiveness in combination with an out of state development firm made SeedSpark’s job challenging at best.

A Custom Solution for Increased Efficiency

SeedSpark provided ISS with an entire Transformation Continuum roadmap consisting of new network management, enhanced cybersecurity, and improved service stability.
Introducing a cloud-managed network management system, Meraki, providing centralized management, diagnostics, and monitoring of the entire ISS network and mobile devices. This, in turn, enabled the company to focus on new business opportunities with reduced operational costs.
SeedSpark also enhanced cybersecurity, protecting all sensitive data from any potential cyberattacks. Further protection of data was provided by SeedSpark’s Solution, which ensures the restoration of all systems and data within minutes if disaster strikes. All ISS desktops and laptops are constantly kept at peak efficiency via remote troubleshooting, anti-virus protection, and malware removal, as well as routine patches and updates – all reinforced by SeedSpark’s onsite support when needed. SeedSpark’s custom-made application increased the reliability of transactions and work orders, surpassing the expectations of ISS’ clientele. Hosted VoIP replaced ISS’ legacy phone system, improving communication capabilities while a new website featuring a refreshed ISS brand worked to improve the company’s brand and position the company to attract its ideal clientele.

The Transformation Continuum

Our tailored approach modernized ISS allowing for vast improvements in all forms of technology and business communication. ISS now has peace of mind knowing that their data is now secure and can be easily restored with minimal downtime in the event of a disaster. Their new application facilitates efficient client transactions which allow management to pursue new clients and participate in RFPs. The rebuilt and rebranded ISS website has enhanced ISS’ position in the market, accelerating business processes tremendously. Going forward, ISS plans to continue investing in managed services, data security, and proactive business continuity through a partnership with

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