United Methodist Retirement Homes

Partners since 2019


SeedSpark revolutionized UMRH’s IT infrastructure by transitioning their platform to a managed IT services model allowing for a lightened workload, increased efficiency, and enhanced security for the entire organization.

Project Overview

United Methodist Retirement Homes (UMRH) is a nonprofit organization comprised of three life plan communities that are open to people of all faiths. With more than 50 years of experience, UMRH’s vision is to be the leading choice for retirement living and continuing care services in North Carolina. UMRH wanted to move away from traditional break/fix IT services – waiting until something goes awry to implement change. UMRH saw a solution in SeedSpark’s managed IT services that offer constant monitoring and maintenance on the company’s infrastructure that prevent most IT issues before they start. UMRH has always operated with a lean IT staff, meaning that a forward-thinking approach to IT solutions would alleviate stress and increase efficiency for their existing team.

A Custom Solution for Increased Efficiency

SeedSpark began by providing desktop and server management to UMRH, setting aside a number of support hours monthly to proactively diagnose future problems and perform general maintenance. UMRH then purchased 37 Cisco Meraki switches, increasing SeedSpark’s ability to perform effective and efficient remote work on the UMRH infrastructure. SeedSpark‘s IT team then migrated UMRH to a cloud-based backup solution for critical files, allowing for faster recovery times during server rebuild times and critical troubleshooting. Combined, these infrastructure improvements have revitalized UMRH, allowing for higher efficiency and cutting-edge security measures for all of their IT services.

The Transformation Continuum

UMRH boosted efficiency by allowing key internal employees to focus on business improvements rather than reactively working on issues that the SeedSpark team is now able to address proactively. By adopting a managed IT services model, routine computer updates and general upkeep are performed behind the scenes with no employee intervention. This allows the UMRH team to have peace of mind, knowing that the recovery and restoration capabilities are now taken care of by SeedSpark. We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with UMRH, enabling their goal to be the provider of choice for retirement living and continuing care services in North Carolina.