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RAM Pavement

Partners since 2017

SeedSpark was given the opportunity to make major updates and polishing to RAM Pavement’s website, as well as creating an easy to use scheduling application for them which resulted in improvements in communication and brought in more business.

Project Overview

RAM Pavement Services has been working across the Carolinas for over a decade in paving services. RAM prides itself on doing the job right the first time, which places tremendous emphasis on clear communication and timely execution. Unlike traditional paving companies, RAM embraces technology and seeks to leverage it for an advantage in the market.

In 2017 RAM reached out to SeedSpark in hopes of developing an easier way to manage their scheduling and to make sure they were keeping up with their competition in a digital aspect.

A Custom Solution for Increased Efficiency

SeedSpark began developing a specialized business management application for RAM that would allow them to view all current projects, the location of all employees at any given time and more. SeedSpark also improved RAM pavement’s website in several areas such as updating the brand image so that it accurately reflected their recently updated logo, which gave the whole website a more contemporary look.

A thorough update was done to not only allow potential new customers to easily validate RAM as a great paving solution provider but also made it easier for them to request bids online. The biggest issue with RAM’s legacy website was that the previous web development company owned all the content, making updates to the site both cumbersome and expensive, so SeedSpark assisted on transferring all content over to RAM which made all updates necessary for the website a breeze.

The Digital Transformation Continuum

Since the work done by SeedSpark and RAM Pavement to make these improvements, scheduling and communication have been easier and more accessible than ever. RAM’s new and improved website is much more appealing to potential customers not only because of its new modern look, but also the upgraded bid submission is a big game-changer in today’s digital environment. The new website’s streamlined content and enhanced functionality also allow potential clients to easily access information regarding RAM’s service.

Thanks to its new site, RAM can now actually, quantify how many leads are being generated by the website. Finally, by highlighting RAM’s Proven Process, there is a clear differentiation from the competition and RAM is now more capable of attracting their ideal client. Having seen an immediate benefit from the website update project, going forward, RAM plans to continue investing in its digital presence with periodic updates to its website designed to enhance functionality.

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