MSS Solutions

Partners since 2010

MSS chose SeedSpark to modernize their digital presence, revitalizing their legacy logo and bringing a new life to their website to better showcase their services, past work, and the value that they provide to each of their clients.

Project Overview

Since 1996, MSS has made thousands of facilities more efficient, comfortable, secure and reliable for owners, operators and occupiers across the Carolinas and throughout North America. Before partnering with SeedSpark, MSS had an outdated website that failed to properly highlight their services, share their past experiences, or highlight their rich company culture. MSS’s goal was to create a professional, polished website that showcased the brand and its services to create a positive first impression on their audience.

Revitalizing a Look, Revamping Technology

SeedSpark’s Creative & Marketing team got to work, crafting a custom website that showcased their years of experience, previous work, and the family-focused company culture. Our also team added features that simplified the hiring process, allowing job seekers to easily find a position that fit their qualifications while proving that MSS is a company they would be proud to be a part of.
However, MSS was facing even larger challenges behind the scenes. Their Microsoft licensing provider was difficult to work with and in many cases failed to respond to MSS’s requests to add or remove licenses. This added even more stress to processes ranging from employee onboarding to billing and reconciliation. MSS was also in search of comprehensive antivirus software to protect their team while also providing instant insight into their fleet of devices.
SeedSpark’s IT and application development teams got to work, creating a new dashboard-based licensing solution that allows MSS to directly control the licenses of their organization. By cutting out the middleman, SeedSpark provided MSS the ability to audit licenses, manage users, and purchase access to Microsoft applications such as Project and BI without the hassle of a third-party.
Our team also implemented a remote monitoring and management solution, providing MSS with a ticketing system that connects their devices directly to SeedSpark’s onsite tech team. With this system, SeedSpark is able to monitor the status of a device, identify its location, and perform remote maintenance without the need to dispatch an onsite technical support specialist to MSS.

Bringing Out the Best in MSS

Today, SeedSpark and MSS continue to share a strong partnership across departments. Our tech team takes a proactive approach to IT management, performing maintenance, updating software, and upgrading hardware when necessary to minimize downtime and create the ideal IT work experience for the MSS team – all while their new website and modern branding connects to new clients each day.