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SeedSpark was originally contacted by McClancy to revamp both their website and their entire brand. After our creative and marketing team created digital assets, a brochure for future clients, and created content to populate their site, McClancy chose to expand its relationship with SeedSpark by signing on for a complete digital transformation for the entire company.

Project Overview

SeedSpark’s relationship with McClancy began with a partnership to perform a complete redesign of both their brand and their website in addition to creating content and developing a brochure showcasing their services. The relationship continued to evolve when McClancy chose to partner with SeedSpark to increase business process automation, optimizing their business through the use of a customized web application entirely centered around their unique workflow.

A Comprehensive Brand Refresh

McClancy was in need of a new identity – a professional, modern brand that still showcased the quality that more than 50 years of experience brings. SeedSpark’s creative and marketing team worked with the McClancy to design and deploy a refreshed brand, revitalizing their website and corporate social media platforms. SeedSpark also created a brochure featuring professional-grade photography to better showcase their collection of product offerings to existing and future clients.

A Custom Solution Business Continuity and Optimization

Following a catastrophic network failure, SeedSpark was contacted to restore data and revitalize McClancy’s outdated and unreliable digital infrastructure. Once initial repairs had been made, McClancy chose to continue the partnership to create an entirely new system – MIX – that would simplify the process of storehouse organization and product location. This dashboard also provides instant insight into overall company financial performance including expenses and revenue generated per client. These tools allowed employees on every level of the company to have a deeper level of insight while also providing executives with dependable data on how the company was performing as a whole – something that had been largely elusive until the MIX dashboard was implemented.
SeedSpark’s partnership with McClancy created opportunities for optimization and modernization, transforming its brand and perfecting its processes to allow a leading food production company to work less and accomplish more. Now, our team is focused on developing a new system meant to minimize waste and cut costs for McClancy through deeper automated warehouse organization tools.