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Lowry Insurance

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SeedSpark upgraded all outdated software, replaced old machines and hardware, and implemented proactive Monthly Desktop and Server Management plans which drastically improved response time, resource utilization and provided more security for all data.

Project Overview

Since 1994, Lowry Insurance has focused on building quality relationships with clients in Charlotte and surrounding North Carolina communities. Lowry’s job is to work one-on-one with commercial and individual clients to identify risks and design an insurance portfolio to meet each client’s specific needs. Lowry is able to provide one of a kind personal service to its clients through integrity and trust. SeedSpark was asked to step in to provide ways to make the process of digitally recording data quicker, simpler, more accessible and more secure seeing that they were currently forced to run extremely outdated software which lacked the necessary functionality to manage its business.

A Custom Solution for Increased Efficiency

SeedSpark began this project firstly by replacing several of Lowry’s aging machines and network hardware. All of Lowry’s upgraded ERP and other Microsoft Office programs were switched over to the cloud via Office 365, which provided more protection and back-up in the case of a business emergency. SeedSpark implemented their proactive Monthly Desktop and Server Management plans, which is designed to provide cost certainty while taking care of routine maintenance. This ensures Lowry’s IT systems are always operating properly.

The Digital Transformation Continuum

There was a major increase in efficiency and decrease in downtime due to the new computers and upgraded network systems. The switch to Office 365 increased productivity because of the access Lowry now had to programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, One Drive, Exchange and SharePoint which were all extremely useful for creating easily accessible records and portfolios on clients. Choosing SeedSpark as a managed network service provider provides access to onsite support and will proactively head off potential issues.

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