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SeedSpark took the burden off of a lone long-term Carolina Ingredients employee that was responsible for managing the IT department. Our team was also tasked with upgrading, implementing, and building new IT software to optimize processes company-wide. These major improvements boosted interdepartmental communication, creating a more secure and user-friendly experience which resulted in widespread growth for Carolina Ingredients.

Project Overview

As Carolina Ingredients began serving larger clients, the need to expand outside of its single Rock Hill production facility became much more urgent. They reached out to SeedSpark with the goal of boosting efficiency and collaboration between departments. Another goal was to create a reliable system of records to smooth out regulatory processes and audits. SeedSpark’s mission was then to modernize their network and its hardware, ensuring faster operation and greater security measures while simultaneously providing constant 24/7 customer support to minimize downtime.

A Custom Solution for Increased Efficiency

SeedSpark’s team kept in constant contact with the existing IT manager to gain a complete understanding of what systems were being used and how improvements could be made. Throughout this process, SeedSpark improved network monitoring and security by introducing entirely new software, Software Defined Network Architecture (SDNA), which allowed for best-in-class network speeds for the team Carolina Ingredients. Their aging server infrastructure was upgraded to a Hosted Exchange email, providing active syncing to all employees across devices. A new gigabit internet service provider in combination with Voice over IP phone systems and a Business Continuity Solution introduced a renaissance of technology for their network.
SeedSpark also created a process for upgrading employee PCs, then creating an aging report for existing hardware that allows executives to better predict and prepare for upcoming IT expenses. Lastly, SeedSpark’s application development team created a custom cloud-based web application that manages manufacturing orders for production, quality assurance, packaging, and shipping processes. By providing a step-by-step guide alerting each individual of their role in the production process, team members knew the status of an order at every stage and what their next steps were towards completion.

The Transformation Continuum

With these major improvements, Carolina Ingredients has begun branching out of their Rock Hill production facility to confidently take on some of the biggest food and ingredient clients in the world. Their new technology has sped up their operations more than anyone could have predicted, allowing for a larger workflow with less hassle for the team (especially the lone IT manager). All the while, any issues that arose were promptly handled by the alert, responsive SeedSpark team. Carolina Ingredients plans on continuing to expand their client list thanks to more room for growth afforded by their new cloud-based digital process. We look forward to continuing to partner with Carolina Ingredients, leveraging technology to propel their business to new heights!