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Carolina Ingredients

Partners since 2015

SeedSpark took the burden off of one single long-term employee that was responsible for managing the entire Carolina Ingredients IT department by upgrading, implementing, and building new IT software across the board. This major improvement made communication between departments much quicker, more secure and user-friendly which has resulted in overall growth for Carolina Ingredients.

Project Overview

As Carolina Ingredients began serving larger clients, the need to expand further outside of just its Rock Hill production facility became much more urgent. They reached out to SeedSpark in hopes of becoming more efficient and collaborative between departments and passing key audits and regulatory processes which rely on a stable system of records. Suddenly, it became mission-critical that technical support was available instantly, that the network and computers would operate faster, that they had the best systems, and that everything was backed up and secure.

A Custom Solution for Increased Efficiency

SeedSpark worked in high contact with the current employee that was managing all IT to gain a further understanding on what systems were currently being used and how they could be upgraded, as well as looking for other new technology that would make the company’s work easier overall. Throughout this process, SeedSpark improved network monitoring and security through completely new software, Software Defined Network Architecture (SDNA), which also improved the throughput speed of their network to best in class. All aging servers were switched to a brand-new server with designated virtual machines and the email server was upgraded to Hosted Exchange email which provided active syncing to all employees on all approved devices. New GB Internet Service Provider, Voice over IP phone solution and Business Continuity Solution were implemented to provide a virtual resistance of the entire technology environment that can be up and running in minutes.

SeedSpark also rolled out a process for upgrading PC’s for each employee and implemented a desktop aging report that is shared with executives so they can predict IT expense. Lastly, a custom cloud-based web application was built in which Carolina Ingredients is now able to manage the manufacturing orders for production, quality assurance, packaging, and shipping processes. The app gives the user a tasking sheet and checklist for each step of their unique role in making that order come to fruition. This digitized their paper-based process for quality assurance, so the team knows exactly where an order is in production by its status. They now operate on iPads and Personal Computers.

The Digital Transformation Continuum

Since these major improvements were made, Carolina Ingredients was able to take the next steps in branching further out of just their Rock Hill production facility. They have now been able to confidently take on some of the biggest food and ingredient clients in the world. Users feel well connected to their responsive SeedSpark team and get support in a flash. All technology is up and running faster than ever before, and the full-time employee who was previously managing all IT is having a much easier time and continues to do a great job.

The company plans on continuing to expand their plant and client list as they now have all digitized processes and updated systems. This digital transformation will always have room for growth, and we look forward to continuing the partnership with Carolina ingredients to handle all emerging challenges.