Buckeye Landscape Management

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Buckeye Logo

Buckeye Landscape Management chose SeedSpark to revitalize every aspect of their brand, designing a new logo, developing a professional website, and generating leads through social media and PPC ad campaigns to showcase their services and grow their business.

Project Overview

Buckeye Landscape Management has served the greater Charlotte area for more than 20 years, delivering landscaping, hardscaping, and irrigation services to create the ultimate outdoor living experience for clients. Buckeye’s team partnered with SeedSpark to build a comprehensive professional brand, designing a modern logo, creating a website, and creating new leads through social media management and PPC advertising.

Professional Branding

Our team began with a Discovery, learning about Buckeye’s services, history, and culture to build a brand that captures their team’s passion and creates a stellar first impression.

  • Professional logo design
  • Business card development
  • Service flyer creation
  • Letterhead design
Buckeye Business Cards
Buckeye Custom Letterhead
Buckeye Custom Pamphlets

A Modern Website

SeedSpark’s in-house designers, developers, and SEO content writers created an engaging website designed to showcase Buckeye’s services and generate new client leads.

  • 2.3% CTR
  • 1,500 website visitors
  • 15.4K impressions

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Our advertising experts crafted targeted digital advertising campaigns through Google PPC, driving website traffic and connecting with new leads.

  • Results 3x higher than the industry average
  • 100+ new leads
  • 50K+ search impressions

Active Social Media Management

SeedSpark’s social media management team launched professional accounts for Buckeye across a variety of social media platforms to showcase their services and share their work.

  • 200+ curated social media posts in 8 months
  • Regular showcases of Buckeye’s work
  • 200+ followers across social media platforms
Buckeye Custom Logos