5 IT Tips That Every Business Owner Needs to Know

Technology is always evolving, but not all business owners are on board. According to Google, 80 percent of US small businesses aren’t taking full advantage of digital tools – that’s a lot of opportunity left on the table. More companies are adopting newer technology every day, which is why it’s more important than ever for business leaders to master the basics of IT knowledge – let’s explore why.

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5 IT Basics Business Owners Need to Know

  1. The Value of IT in a Company – IT is the foundation of every successful business, powering team connectivity, protecting data, and marketing to new customers. Understanding the importance of reliable technology is the first step in making a proper investment in it – IT is the future of your business.
  2. Cybersecurity Know-How is a Must – Phishing attacks, password security, and malicious websites are just a small selection
  3. Master the Basics of Every Machine – Every business professional should understand the basics of how to use phones, tablets, and laptops, but that’s not all. Understanding the basics of Excel, Word, Teams, and more are basic building blocks of business success in 2021.
  4. Protecting Your Equipment – Computers may often be left on for weeks at a time, restricting updates and leaving your machine vulnerable to attacks. Installing updates and, ideally, allowing a managed services team to provide the latest protection to any connected device.
  5. Building Tech into Your Business Plan – As you’re planning for the future, build your future around your technology. Picking software and hardware that work hand-in-hand with the way that you work sets you up to optimize, automate, and accomplish more each day.

Technology is such a large part of today’s business world that business leaders can’t afford not to learn the basics. SeedSpark’s free 30-minute software assessment digs into your technology, exploring what you’re using and how you’re using it to identify any opportunities for improvement and find new ways to optimize the way that you work without any additional cost. Fill out the form to the right to schedule your assessment and start moving your productivity in the right direction!

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