How to Extend Your Battery Life in Windows 11

While the latest computers are boasting longer battery lives than ever before, it’s still easy to find yourself scrambling for a power outlet to charge a battery that is almost out of juice. Higher-end laptops can often give users more processing power, but that extra power comes at the cost of battery life. If you find yourself having to charge your device more frequently than you’d like, there are several ways to make sure that you’re optimizing your OS to make the most of your battery life in Windows 11. Here are four easy battery-saving tricks that can help you get the most out of every charge.

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Turn Down Screen Brightness

It may seem like a no-brainer, but turning down your screen brightness is the easiest way to extend your computer’s battery life. For many companies, the maximum battery life statistic that is shared in promotional material is often focusing on using the computer at the lowest brightness with every power consumption mode enabled. Depending on work conditions, it may not be possible to turn the brightness down as low as it can go. Even so, even slightly dimming the screen can add extra time to your next work session!

Optimize Battery Usage While Playing Videos

Watching videos online is one of today’s most popular pastimes! One new feature that Microsoft has added is the ability to optimize your computer for battery life when watching videos. Navigate to Settings>Apps>video playback>Battery options>Optimize for battery life. If power consumption isn’t an issue, the other option is to always enable the highest image quality – we’d recommend sticking with the battery life option for now.

Customize Power Settings

Windows 11 comes with a wide variety of power settings that users can customize to make the most of their experience. Open Settings>System>Power  & Battery>Power and then select your preferred option. There are three options: best power efficiency, balanced, and best performance. For those opportunities where your charger is just a few feet away, best performance can increase speed and show noticeable boosts if you’re performing high-powered tasks like editing video. Balanced creates a blended approach, taking a small hit in performance to add extra battery life. Best power efficiency is the best option if you’re focused on maximizing battery life at the cost of performance.

Change Refresh Rate on Battery

Higher-end laptops may often come with 144hz screens, creating a smoother experience for users at the cost of additional battery performance. Lowering the refresh rate is a simple way to reduce battery consumption when you’re on the go and high frame rates aren’t your top priority. Head to Settings>Display>Advanced Display>Choose a refresh rate. Refresh rates vary from laptop model to laptop model, so it’s best to check your device’s manual to see what your device is capable of before searching through the settings menu.

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