Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Your Browser Like a Pro

From Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome to Firefox and Internet Explorer, web browsers are at the center of how people work every day. Web apps for today’s most popular applications (including the entire Microsoft Office suite) are incredibly popular, making work easily accessible from basically any device. No matter what browser you’re working in, there are plenty of universal keyboard shortcuts that make navigating your web browser a breeze. Here are a few that our team at SeedSpark uses each day.

Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

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Switch Between Tabs

It’s easy to get lost in a laundry list of tabs, but there is a clever trick to get exactly where you need to go. CTRL+1-8 lets you select the exact tab that you want to jump to, with CTRL+9 putting you at the very last tab in your lineup. CTRL+Tab also shuffles through your tabs from left to right like a digital old-school filing cabinet, getting you to the most important information that you need.

Open a New Tab or Browser Window

When you want to start a fresh search or head to another website without losing your current tab, CTRL+T and CTRL+N are your best friend! CTRL+T opens a new tab in your existing browser window while CTRL+N opens an entirely new window. Either way, these two quick shortcuts can save the hassle of navigating through a menu!

Quickly Zoom on a Webpage

Whether you want to zoom in on an image or increase the size of a font, CTRL+Mousewheel Up or Mousewheel Down can help you zoom in or out on any web page. If you find yourself zooming in a little too far, CTRL+0 can reset your zoom to default settings.

Scroll Up or Down a Webpage

Whether you’re reading articles, working on documents, or browsing social media, scrolling is going to be a central part of the experience. Pressing Space can move your page down a frame – the size of your current viewable area, while Shift+Space can scroll back up a frame. Pressing the Home button brings you right to the top of the page and End brings you to the bottom.

Productivity is a major focus for millions of people around the world, including the designers of today’s popular tech. Companies are pushing the limits of what is possible, developing everything from groundbreaking new software to small improvements like these keyboard shortcuts to help users work smarter, not harder. These keyboard shortcuts are only the beginning of what’s possible! Complete the form to download our free Windows 11 Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet, giving you a guide to the easiest time-saving tools that are built directly into your operating system.  

Download your free Windows
Keyboard Shortcut Cheat Sheet