Top Small Business Cybersecurity Lessons from 2021

From Colonial Pipeline and JBS Foods to Kaseya and CNA Financial, ransomware attacks on some of the nation’s largest companies have taken the spotlight in 2021. The extra coverage of these big breaches doesn’t mean that small businesses aren’t a target. In fact, older technology and aging cybersecurity measures often make small businesses an ideal target for attackers. SeedSpark serves small businesses across the United States, delivering reliable technology packed with top-tier cybersecurity tools that analyze and eliminate threats. Here are some of the biggest lessons from 2021 when it comes to the world of small biz cybersecurity.

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Phishing Attacks Remain the #1 Source of Attacks

Our team at SeedSpark caught and quarantined more than 47,000 phishing emails across 6,500 actively managed email inboxes throughout 2021. While email security software and active training are beginning to catch on, phishing attacks are more convincing than ever. From basic email attacks to faulty MFA code requests, attackers are finding new ways to sneak their way into networks and steal valuable data.

Updating Hardware and Software is a Must

Windows 11 launched in October, but nearly 13% of PCs around the world are still running Windows 7 – an operating system that receives no updates other than zero-day critical patches when they’re absolutely necessary. While companies continue to support legacy operating systems for a decade at a minimum, it’s the latest hardware and software that receive the most frequent updates and have the most focus on building out their security features. For instance, Windows 11 requires TPM 2.0, the international standard for encryption that keeps devices and data secure in the case of a breach. Quality of life features like this that embrace the latest and greatest cybersecurity techniques are only available in the latest software releases – not to mention all of the new bells and whistles that make working a breeze.

Get Cybersecurity with AI

Hackers may be baking artificial intelligence into their attacks, but cybersecurity companies are leveraging this same tech in their defense to fight fire with fire. Instead of relying on predefined threats programmed into security software by a human, AI identifies and analyzes threats in real-time to learn the latest threats and provide complete protection. While this technology may have been too pricey for small businesses 5 years ago, new competitors have entered the market to bring the cost down and deliver enterprise-level protection to businesses of any size.

Cyber Insurance is No Longer a Luxury

Having cyber liability coverage as a part of your business’ insurance plan may not have seemed necessary 15 years ago. As companies have shifted to cloud-based storage and hybrid work, the need for digital coverage is no longer just a luxury – it’s a necessity. No matter what size your business may be, it’s nearly guaranteed that you’ll be the target for a cyberattack in the future. Strong cybersecurity measures and comprehensive cyber insurance should be a top priority to protect the future of your business.

As the best managed IT services provider in Charlotte, SeedSpark is proud to work with small- and medium-sized businesses to deliver secure technology solutions that protect their network today and prepare their team for tomorrow, leveraging the power of AI and hands-on training to combat today’s top cybersecurity threats. Complete our form to download our free Cybersecurity 101 guide, sharing the most important facts to know to help keep your team secured and connected 24/7.

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