5 Technologies We're Thankful for in 2021

Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to look back on what we’ve been the most thankful for throughout the year. While 2021 has certainly had its fair share of challenges, our team at SeedSpark is thankful for the tech that has kept us protected and connected through all of the ups and downs. From cybersecurity solutions to time-saving techniques, let’s check out the top tech that we’re thankful for in 2021!

Our team has a lot more than tech to be grateful for! Here’s a quick video from our team looking back on 2021 and sharing what they’re most thankful for this year.

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Password Managers

Password managers are a lifesaver! With hundreds of passwords protecting our accounts, it can be a lot to keep up with. As a LastPass partner, we’re happy to deliver a tool that simplifies your login experience across the web to deliver single sign-on capabilities and enterprise-level security through advanced MFA that takes the worry and the hassle out of digital security. It’s a win-win in our book!

Email Security

Phishing attacks have run rampant in 2021, with 74 percent of organizations having experienced a successful attack! SeedSpark partners with Ironscales to proactively monitor both active threats and flagged messages from users in your organization, bringing together machine learning and human feedback to create a stronger defense against today’s attacks.

Artificial Intelligence

AI goes beyond telling us the time or the weather on a smart speaker (but that’s cool, too!) Artificial intelligence has allowed cybersecurity tools to go beyond a definitions-based approach to protection, delivering antivirus and antimalware tools that evolve alongside today’s most powerful attacks. AI works hand-in-hand with the traditional approach to cybersecurity to deliver exception protection that keeps your team secured.

Smart Devices

While it’s important to strike a good work-life balance, new devices are constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in our world today to help empower us to create a better tomorrow. Whether it’s optimizing the way that we work today or creating groundbreaking opportunities for tomorrow, smart devices are coming together to give users every tool that they need to succeed.

Connecting Virtually

Finally, we’re thankful for the people that we get to connect with! Technology has continued to bring families, friends, and co-workers together like never before. Whether you’re hosting a webinar, raising your hand to ask a question in a large meeting, or coming together for a virtual companywide meeting with Teams’ Gallery view, the employee experience has never been more vibrant in the virtual world. From our clients and team to friends and family, we’re happy to be able to connect and share more together than ever before.

Our team at SeedSpark is always keeping our eyes on the tech space for up-and-coming new tools to help you make the most of your day! While technology can bring a lot of benefits during the holiday season, hackers are also working overtime to take advantage of unsuspecting online shoppers and internet users. Fill out the form to see our insights into the cybersecurity tips that help you stay safe during the holiday season. To celebrate the holidays, complete the form to enjoy a free 30-minute cybersecurity assessment on us! Our team of technology experts will make sure that you’re ready for whatever the season has in store.

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