How to Secure Your Mobile Device in 2021

2021’s list of cybersecurity breaches just keeps growing. This week’s T-Mobile data breach looks to be one of the biggest of the year as CNN reports that the data of more than 40 million users has been stolen and listed for sale online. From names and addresses to driver license data and social security numbers, T-Mobile’s serverside breach has left millions with exposed personal information. Keeping mobile devices secure is a collaborative effort that requires two elements: technology providers’ security efforts and preventative security by users.

The stakes are even higher for businesses, with one survey of business technology professionals finding that 55% of respondents claim smartphones are the most vulnerable endpoint in their organization. While basic users can’t prevent a data breach, understanding the latest cybersecurity standards helps keep your team’s data protected and, in the case of a breach, provide a fast response to lock it back down. Here are the basic mobile cybersecurity tips that every business leader should know.

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Pick the Right Apps

For company-owned devices, it’s worth considering a pre-selected library of approved applications that give your team the tools they need to succeed while keeping them safe from dangerous downloadable apps. While it keeps company and employee data safe, having pre-selected applications also helps users stay focused on the task at hand and keep productivity high throughout the day.

Always Perform Smartphone Backups

No matter what industry you’re in, accidents happen. From dropped phones and spilled coffee to leaked passwords and hacking attempts, there is always a possibility that a device could be damaged and data could be compromised. Taking time to back up your mobile device to the cloud ensures that your pictures, music, videos, and apps are all exactly as you left them, even if you have to switch devices.

Keep Your OS Up-to-Date

We’ve all been there – a new software update is available and instead of biting the bullet and waiting the grueling three minutes for an update, we hit “remind me tomorrow.” While it might get you back to work in the moment, putting off a software update also puts off important security updates that could be the difference between protecting your data and leaving it vulnerable. If there’s a software update available, it’s time to install!

Add Comprehensive Account Security

Protecting your devices also means protecting your accounts. While using a complex and unique password (or even better, a passphrase) is a standard security step for online accounts, enabling multi-factor authentication works to keep hackers out of your accounts and can provide protection even during a data breach.

With 71% of employees spending two hours or more per week working on their mobile devices – and likely higher rates than that from the COVID-19 pandemic – it’s more important than ever for businesses to make sure that their teams are protected.

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