The Basics of Website Security - Protecting Your Small Business

IBM’s new report shows that data breaches are costing companies more than ever, with cunning tactics and remote employees pushing the cost even higher. On average, the study showed that organizations took an average of 212 days to detect breaches and 75 to contain them, giving hackers plenty of time to capture sensitive data. Having a strong back-end cybersecurity network is important for any business, but website security shouldn’t be overlooked. Here are the best tips to make sure that your company’s website is completely secured.

Read the full Report: IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report

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Regular Back-Ups

Just like data, websites should be regularly backed up. Some hosting providers, like SeedSpark, perform automatic daily backups. However, keeping an offline backup provides peace of mind that you’re ready to recover at a moment’s notice if your website is taken offline.

Use Strong Admin Usernames and Passwords

Choosing commonly used usernames and passwords puts your accounts at risk from hackers that may use social engineering attacks or brute force hacking to strongarm their way into your account. Choose a unique, complex password for each admin and change it on a regular cadence.

Add Multiple Layers of Website Security

While it’s important to update and patch your software regularly, there are several extra security steps that can be taken. Monitor website plugins and software for threats, use HTTPS/TLS to encrypt site data, and constantly monitor uptime and incidents to stay tuned into the latest threats.

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