Kaseya Ransomware Attacks - How Small Businesses Can Prepare

A July 4th weekend ransomware attack is one of the worst in history and has already earned its reputation as “the SolarWinds of ransomware.” Russian hacking group REvil hacked into Kaseya VSA, IT management software used by managed service providers to deliver software updates and provide support for small businesses around the world. In total, Kaseya estimates that between 800 and 1,500 small businesses have been impacted in the attack.

This is just the latest in a string of cyberattacks that has defined much of 2021. Enterprise organizations aren’t the only ones being targeted. Small businesses are the #1 target for criminals, representing 43% of all data breaches.

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3 Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-factor authentication, often known as MFA, is the first line of defense against an attack. By requiring an additional sign-on code from a second source, MFA immediately eliminates the overwhelming majority of phishing attacks and password theft.

Use AI-Based Cyber Endpoint Protection – AI-powered cyber endpoint protection, used by our team at SeedSpark, creates a dynamic defense that learns to identify and eliminate the latest threats targeting every device on your network.

Create a Backup and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) Plan – From regular hourly backups to cyber liability insurance, creating a comprehensive plan that helps your business address and recover from a cyberattack is key in making sure that your business is able to bounce back in the worst-case scenario.

Did you know that 54% of attacks start with a simple phishing email? Download our guide, How to Detect a Phishing Email, to learn how to identify and report these attacks as soon as hit your inbox. 

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