How to Get Your Tech Ready for Vacation

With a big holiday weekend on the way and plenty of hot summer days ahead it’s prime time for vacationers to hit the road and enjoy some well-earned time away from the office. AAA reports that more than 47M Americans will hit the road this July 4th weekend – up 40% over 2020. As millions of employees log off for a long weekend (or more, if you’re lucky), we’re hitting the highlights of how to make sure that you’re tech-ready for your getaway.

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Set Up Out-Of-Office Replies

From co-workers to clients, it’s important to keep people in the loop on when you’re heading out of the office and when you’ll be back. Setting up automatic replies on your email helps set expectations and let people know that you’re not ignoring their message and that you’ll get back ASAP. An out-of-office message in Teams or Slack helps keep your entire team in the loop on your ETA to help keep the lights on while you’re away.

Backup Your Data

Before you officially start your vacation, it’s a good idea to create a complete backup of your device and its data. Whether it’s a lost laptop along your journey or a massive poolside cannonball gone awry, a backup helps make sure that your data is ready and waiting in the cloud from any device when you’re ready to go back to work. Many MSPs, including our team at SeedSpark, offer hourly backups to minimize downtime in the event of a data loss incident.

Follow Your Security Policies

Cybersecurity policies are in place for a reason – to help protect you, your customers, and your company. As soon as you’re out of your usual work ecosystem, there is an increased security risk for your technology. Connecting to public networks can open up your computer to a mountain of vulnerabilities; always connect to a secure private network when possible and follow all best practices for cybersecurity. Many companies may require employees to connect to a VPN before going online – something that is very important in the fight against cybercriminals.

Turn On Low Power Mode

Low power mode is a fantastic trick for those that are facing everything from long road trips to multiple lengthy airport layovers. This battery-saving mode is perfect for making today’s long-lasting batteries go even longer, potentially delivering an entire day’s worth of use before needing a charge. Most of today’s latest phones, tablets, and laptops are all equipped with a type of low power mode ready for use; check your device’s battery settings to see your power-saving potential.

Don’t Forget to Relax

Just because today’s business world never stops doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t. Time away from the office encourages fresh perspectives, rejuvenates your outlook, and helps employees find fulfillment in the work that they do each day. With so many mobile devices it’s easy to fall into your regular work habits while on vacation, but putting the devices away and taking time for yourself may be one of the most important tech tips of 2021!

Full relaxation really comes with the peace of mind that your business and its technology are going to be ready to rock when you return to the office. SeedSpark’s managed IT team monitors your network and devices 24/7, performing updates and delivering cybersecurity solutions that keep you up and running throughout the year. Fill out our contact form to get in touch with our team and learn more about how SeedSpark can help deliver reliable technology solutions that provide peace of mind today while helping you prepare for tomorrow. 

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