What to Expect from Tomorrow’s Windows 11 Reveal

Windows 10 powers 1.3 billion devices around the world, empowering people and businesses – including 91% of Fortune 100 companies – to achieve more each day. With a Windows 11 reveal set for June 24 at 11 a.m. ET, we’re about to see what the next decade of Windows has in store. While a new refreshed look is nice, how will this new OS help improve productivity and revolutionize the way that people work? Let’s explore some of the ways that Windows 11 has the potential to improve your productivity.

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Microsoft’s Windows 11 Event – What to Expect

New Windows 11 UI

Microsoft has designed Windows 11 with usability in mind, improving windows snapping and streamlining menu design to take the clutter out of the experience and help the user focus on the task at hand. Early looks at the new design show that Microsoft is following Apple’s footsteps, rounding corners and simplifying menu icons to create a much more modern experience for users around the world. Windows 11 also appears to bring back Gadgets, according to a report from The Verge. Housed in their own dock, these tools help you keep up with information at a glance – no extra app or window required.

Deeper Office 365 Integrations

Office 365 is more important than ever to businesses and workers around the world. It’s safe to assume that more integrations with the Office 365 family of software are certainly on the way – Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint, Outlook, and more are all core parts of the Microsoft and Windows experience. Microsoft has continually added new enhancements and integrations that connect apps like Outlook and Teams, streamlining the communication process for users worldwide. Adding even deeper integrations opens up an entirely new world of possibilities that have the potential to make your work-life simpler than ever before.

Free Windows 11 Upgrades for Windows 10 Users

New software doesn’t necessarily mean a higher price tag. Support for Windows 10 is set to end in 2025, meaning that Microsoft has ~4 years to migrate over 1.3B users away from Windows 10 and onto Windows 11. The best way to do that? Give it away for free. Just as Microsoft did for Windows 8.1 users, it’s likely that Microsoft will announce a limited-time free upgrade for Windows 10 users that are ready to get on board with Windows 11. As software developers begin using Microsoft’s new OS and developing tools with the future in mind, the latest industry-leading productivity apps will be powered by Windows 11.

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