The Top 3 Productivity Apps for 2021

Technology is the perfect tool to help organize your thoughts, develop a plan, and make your best ideas a reality. A survey backed by Google found that 75% of people say their smartphones help them be more productive, while the Productivity category on Android has a penetration of 91.67%. In other words, people really want to be more productive. Here are three productivity apps to help you get more done in 2021.

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And our winners are… 

  1. Microsoft To-Do – The idea is simple: an intelligent daily planner for your life. Set yourself up for success with My Day, manage your to-do list from anywhere, and share lists with anyone to help make sure that you’re making the most of each day.
  2. Microsoft Planner – Empower everyone on your team to manage tasks better. Project management, visual insights, and content-rich task cards help you spend less time searching for data or due dates and more time getting work done.
  3. Microsoft Teams – Whether it’s chat, calls, or video, anyone can engage at any time to bring everyone closer together. Your docs, photos, videos, and more are always there, so it’s easier to work together from anywhere around the world.

The best part? You probably already have these.

In October 2019, Microsoft reported 200M monthly Office 365 users – some quick math of a 15% annual gain means that ~230M people worldwide now use Microsoft Office 365, bringing together Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and more to create the ultimate productivity platform. It makes you think… are you using your software to its fullest potential?

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