Tip 4. Training is your company's secret weapon.

Let’s not beat around the bush – there are a lot of software solutions for businesses in 2021. As of 2019, 10% of companies were already using over 200 different pieces of software with more on the way – but do you really need new software to accomplish your business goals?

59% of employees report that they had no workplace training – that’s a lot of untapped potential.

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Here are the 3 Biggest Benefits of Employee Training:

  1. Better Efficiency  – Proper training not only helps your team learn new skills, but it helps them do more with software that you already have.
  2. Higher Employee Satisfaction – 87% of employees between the ages of 25-40 believe that learning and development in the workplace is important.
  3. More Revenue – Companies that invest in training see a 24% higher profit margin on average.

Research shows that it’s worth reinvesting in your workforce instead of spending more on new software. Proper training cuts out the inefficiencies in your organization, pushing your employees to learn new skills and make the most of the tools that they already have today – often with little or no additional software.

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