Tip 2. The Great Reopening is coming, but remote work is here to stay

Microsoft has released their 2021 Work Trend Index report, digging into the data gathered from 30,000 users across 31 countries around the world to learn more about how technology is revolutionizing the way that we think about work. 

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The Next Great Disruption is Hybrid Work – Are We Ready?

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Microsoft data shows that employees are fans of remote and hybrid work, as seen above, but there is still a need for in-person collaboration.

So, what are the big takeaways from the 2021 Work Trend Index?

  1. Hybrid work is the “new normal” – some teams are returning to the office, others may be remote for good. No matter what your personal approach is, connecting online will be a bigger part of business than ever before.
  2. We’re working more – calls, emails, chats, texts – we live in a world that’s constantly collaborating. After-hours chats were up 42% in 2021, marking a dangerous trend that is leading to 54% of the workforce feeling overworked.
  3. Powering future productivity – Authenticity through genuine connections build with coworkers are helping build a deeper bond within teams around the world, leading to greater productivity and better overall wellbeing.

Our team read through the latest information, gathering the need-to-know info and hitting the highlights in our most recent blog. For the biggest takeaways that business leaders need to know, read our blog post below and make sure that you’re prepared for “The Next Great Disruption.”

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