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Even the most complex ideas are easy to understand in small doses. SeedSpark’s 5-Second Tech Tips bring you the latest in cybersecurity, productivity, and other ways to optimize the way you work.

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83. Spring Cleaning for Your Devices

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has been a major topic of discussion. Whether it’s because of the financial impact it has, or the worry it brings that other banks might fail, it’s something that businesses have been following and will continue to monitor.

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75. Windows 11 Sneak Peek: Hidden Features in January 2023 Update

The latest update for Windows 11 was released this month, boasting security updates for versions 22H2 and 21H2. While security is critical, a couple of cosmetic features are also being finalized behind the scenes. Here's a sneak peek at the Windows 11 hidden features that will become publicly available in the coming months:

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56. 8 Ways to Minimize Email Spam

While it’s difficult to prevent spam, getting rid of it entirely is improbable. Here are some steps you can take to avoid and minimize the amount of spam in your inbox.

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55. The Future of Work: How Virtual Reality Can Impact Your Career

Virtual reality has long been the realm of gamers and futurists, but it may soon land on businesses' priority lists. With VR headsets falling to under $300 and high-speed 5G networks just around the corner, the technology appears to be headed for home in the workplace. Remote work can be stressful for some people.

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54. 5 Easy Ways to Spring Clean Your Devices

Our devices accumulate plenty of digital clutter that needs cleaning from time to time (like old files, outdated apps, quick photos, etc.) Together, these things can take up significant space and open you to security hazards. Here are 5 quick and easy steps to help you clean up your act and optimize your device's performance.

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52. Don’t Take The Bait: How to Identify Advanced Phishing Techniques

To avoid being victimized by phishing sites, we usually advise examining the address bar for HTTPS presence, avoiding domains with questionable characters like g00gle.com, and discouraging clicking on any recurring or suspicious pop-ups. But what if someone discovered a method to phish passwords without including these characteristics?

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50. Tips to Avoid Mobile Scams This Tax Season

Filling out your taxes may be a drag, but it's made even more difficult when scammers attempt to deceive you into providing personal information and money. During January and February of this year, IRS and Social Security-related spam text messages increased dramatically according to research from RoboKiller.com.

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49. How to Market Your Business with Texting

Texting is one of the most personal forms of communication, which is why it can be such an effective marketing tool. Unlike other channels like email or social media, texting allows you to have a one-on-one conversation with your target audience.

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31. Meet the New Type of Cyber Attack Targeting MFA Codes

What do Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, and LinkedIn all have in common? They've all been the victims of massive data breaches that have left the login credentials of millions of users out in the open, ready to be picked off by cybercriminals. When a database of this information is found (or even sold to a buyer) online, anything is possible if the password hasn't been changed.

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